Social Media May Not be the Cure for Networking

By Compuwa Group|February 17, 2015|Industry News|

In 2015, it’s fairly rare to meet someone that is online, and not engaged in social media in one form or another. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and online communities like Reddit have made it easier than ever to connect with thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of individuals who are all discussing topics that interest you. Naturally, there […]

Networking for the Introvert

By Compuwa Group|August 8, 2014|Industry News|

First, let’s get something out of the way– the internet’s gotten into something of a fascination with introversion, and introverts. The popular discourse is to treat it as if it were some sort of adorable character quirk, but the meat of the matter is that being an introvert is not a positive, or a negative, character quality. It’s simply what […]

Mini-Android PCs: A Fraction of the Size and the Cost

By Compuwa Group|June 15, 2014|Industry News|

The world of micro PCs is nothing particularly new; as long as there have been desktop computers, there have been both enthusiasts and companies which have sought to shrink the size, and cost, of your average computer, while allowing for functionality that everyone’s looking for in their desktop computer. With the rise of smartphone and mobile devices, however, there became […]

Learning to Code Has Never Been Easier

By Compuwa Group|September 27, 2013|Industry News|

Coding has never been a popular thing to consider for the vast majority of the public, but it’s become far more prevalent among demographics that never traditionally participated in the world of building programs, scripts, and websites. In 2015 alone, the internet has seen a striking 49% penetration of usage among the global population. That means that nearly half of […]

How to Avoid Getting Lost in the Crowd

By Compuwa Group|April 9, 2013|Industry News|

One of the challenges that can come with networking is breaking away from the crowd. There could be hundreds of people in your area who generally have the same level of expertise or skill that you do in any given field, unless you happen to be a meteorologist or a vet that specializes in aquatic mammals, of course. For everyone […]

How One YouTube Creator Changed Education Online

By Compuwa Group|September 2, 2012|Industry News|

Salman Khan’s personal education and career began in Louisiana. Born to a family of immigrants, Khan’s upbringing demanded a serious focus on education so that the next generation would succeed in the United States. In his time, he’s gained degrees in mathematics, electrical engineering, and has even gone on to get his MBA from Harvard. In other words, he’s taken […]

Finding the Right Online Courses

By Compuwa Group|May 7, 2012|Industry News|

Building a more robust career starts with education. Whether you receive it through the traditional channels of a physical campus, or through the growing world of online education, you always need to be aware of what your best options are, and which schools you may want to avoid if you’re serious about your future. With online courses, it can be […]

Are Free Online Courses the Real Deal?

By Compuwa Group|June 17, 2011|Industry News|

An interesting development in online education has been the proposal of allowing for free courses in a wide variety of subjects. As long as you have an internet connection, you can take online classes in creative writing, basic sciences and math, languages, and more. For many at-home learners, this can be a boon, but does it provide you with anything […]

A Starter’s Guide to Networking and Making Connections

By Compuwa Group|February 8, 2011|Industry News|

Networking isn’t easy in any profession, and there’s plenty of ways to go about it. In general, you will find that the basis of networking starts with finding the right people, and saying the right things– but how much of it is “canned,” and how much of it comes from organic communication, connection, and basic human empathy? The truth is […]